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Debut full-length album by American Death Metal band.
Taking several chapters (and the glossary) from the Incantation-Massacre-Suffocation-Dying Fetus-Autopsy-etc. book of American Death Metal, Nocturnal Torment isn’t exactly reinventing the wheel. Then again, though this is the band’s first ever long play release, the quartet started their sonic assault way back in 1988, before several of the greatest death bands in history ever officially released anything.
Nocturnal Torment was originally formed in 1988. In 1989 Nocturnal Torment became Thanatopsis. Roughly 6 months after the recording demo, the band split up over musical differences. Since that time the different members found themselves in various bands. Termination regrouped in 2008 with the same four blokes, but quickly changed their name to Nocturnal Torment and released the "Consecrated" demo in 2009.
With that said, it’s no wonder that Nocturnal Torment play and sound the way they do. Even though they technically are rookies in terms of releases, these cats have been creating musical havoc literally for decades. 
Nocturnal Torment’s debut full-length, "They Come At Night" hits all the marks and is entertaining enough to satiate the thirst of the old school Death Metal fan until one of the elite releases creeps out of the graveyard. "They Come At Night" will certainly prove itself to be the perfect filler album for the diehard and might even gain approval from the casual Deathsters the world over. 
There are no frills, no trendy hipster nonsense, no clean vocals; none of that. Its raw, dirty, straightforward and it sounds just like it would have had the band stuck around a bit longer at the turn of the 90’s and created this album. It’s like we just stumbled upon this old dusty cassette in our attic that somehow got missed along the way. This whole retro old-school Death Metal movement is a fascinating one, one that almost brings a tear of nostalgia to the eye. Hell, maybe the collective unit of Nocturnal Torment have tears in their eyes because they finally got around to creating a proper full-length! Blistering wonders if they grew out their mullets, wore Indianapolis Colts sweat pants and neon T-shirts with wacky critters on them when they recorded "They Come At Night"…
Deathgasm Records, 2012 (DG-067). Made in USA. First press.

1. Vile Affliction 4:29 
2. Alternative Reality 4:18 
3. Cycle Of Life 6:25 
4. Fresh Flesh Fetish 5:18 
5. Bleeding 6:41 
6. Sweet Decay 5:12 
7. Forever Eternal Darkness 6:06 
8. They Come At Night 5:43 
9. Primordial Existence 6:25
Total playing time: 50:37


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