NIHIL NOVI SUB SOLE "Jupiter Temple" /A5 Digipack CD/

Debut full-length album by Dutch Ambient/ Industrial outfit residing in the Netherlands.
Dark Ambient Neo-Classical sounds combined with Industrial ingredients.
Nihil Novi Sub Sole takes the listener into a downward spiral of dark stained compositions, which combines dark Ambient sounds with eerie sounding orchestration and choirs wrapped in Martial Industrial-like sound compositions, with heavy militaristic drums.
Beautifully presented in an A5 digipak.
My Kingdom Music, 2010 (echo057)

1.Nihil Novi Sub Sole 04:24
2.Die Angeklagten 03:18
3.To Enslave & Destroy 04:16
4.Avvenimento Traumatico 03:33
5.Stigma 05:14
6.Fellonia Con Sangue 04:31
7.Walking Over Mother Disease 03:00
8.Obedience To None 02:42
9.Paralyze 03:13
10.Victoria Victis 03:12
11.Idolatry 04:42
12.Totgeborener Lebensmut 04:23
Total playing time: 46:28

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