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ASKUROR “Des Zornes Eiserne Brut” /Digipack MCD/

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    Band: ASKUROR
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The first mini-album by German Pagan Black Metal band.
The band maintains a certain kind of chilling atmosphere throughout the songs and keeps it like that, without over-trying or experimenting at parts. The whole album revolves a lot around Depressive Black characteristics, without actually embracing them so that one would call them a DSBM band. Think of a bands similar to Kaltetod but a bit inferior to it, caressing both Atmospheric and Raw Black at the same time, while heavily depending on the fuzzy and cold sound of the guitars and and the howling vocals. The drums follow an ordinary playing and they don't make a huge difference to the feeling of the album, as the over-buzzed sound of the guitars, aiming for a sense of isolation and despair, are betrayed by the weak riffs and melodies of the songs.
This will appeal to anyone inside and outside the genre!
Bleichmond Tonschmiede, 2013 (BMTC 005). Made in Germany. Pressed in Poland.

1. Gefallen - Heldentod 7:19
2. Odysee - Die Irrfahrt 6:42
3. Unter Rotem Himmel 7:49
4. Vergeltung 6:21
Total playing time: 28:11 min.

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