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NIGHT IN GALES "Nailwork" /CD/

  • NIGHT IN GALES "Nailwork" /CD/

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The third full-length album by the German Melodic Death/Thrash Metal band.
With their third album, Night In Gales are now charging towards spearheading the international Thrash and Death Metal scene.
In topping all the previous releases from the 5 metalheads, "Nailwork" has achieved that which seemed almost impossible. Even if the guys had been too Gothenburg orientated in the past and "Thunderbeast" was sprinkled with Rock ‘n’ Roll, "Nailwork" is not merely the frequently termed ‘logical development’. This album shines as an absolutely independent release so whoever still insists that Night In Gales still limit themselves to the confines of Melodic Death Metal is either ignorant or deaf!
Night In Gales anno 2000 stand for a brutal sound whose strength and uncompromising aggression will be very hard to beat. "Nailwork" is raw, heavy and powerful – similar to the live sound of the 5 Ruhrpott Thrasher. Responsible for the sound is no other than the producer legend Harris Johns who was the master at the controls for bands like Kreator, Sodom and Voivod in the 80’s.
That the band have been working hard is clearly defined by the excellent performance of their shouter, Björn, who presents himself here as singer for the first time. Alongside the obligatory screams and growls, to which his style was limited in the past, you will find Modern Metal parts plus Doom and even ballad vocals. But as if that were not enough Dew Scented frontman, Leif Jensen, and the original Night In Gales singer, Christian Müller, were also recruited as guest shouters, the latter of which should certainly give "Sylphlike" fans goosebumps.
Responsible for more goosebumps will be the cover version of "Black Velvet" by Blues Rock queen Alannah Myles which has been transformed into a raging inferno crushing everything that stands in it’s way!
Night In Gales, with their new album "Nailwork" no doubt lay the world in ashes without taking any prisoners!!
Nuclear Blast GmbH, 2000 (NB 444-2). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Nailwork     03:43 
2. Blades to Laughter     03:59 
3. Wormsong     04:16 
4. All Scissors Smile     03:57 
5. How to Eat a Scythe     03:54 
6. Black Velvet (Alannah Myles cover)     03:23 
7. Filthfinger     04:26 
8. The Tenmiletongue     04:10 
9. Hearselights     04:25 
10. Down the Throat     03:39 
11. Quicksilverspine     04:10
Total playing time: 44:02


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