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MONOLITH (USA) "One Nation Under Metal" /CD/

  • MONOLITH (USA) "One Nation Under Metal" /CD/

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    Band: MONOLITH
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The fourth full-length album by American Thrash Metal band.
Monolith is a US (Winchester, Virginia) act formed in 1994. The band released their self-titled debut full-length studio album in 1995 and have since released several studio albums.
Pretty moshy fare, tends to remind more of Pro-Pain and bands of that ilk. Though nothing mindblowing, the guitarwork is pretty good. It's more complex than most moshcore, with some rather melodic parts to it, making it more interesting than most bands with this sound. They even invoke a couple of Slayer riffs here and there. Also we can hear nice slow Groove on here, reminds Pantera a bit, maybe with a little old Entombed mixed in toward the end just for flavor.
Overall it's good album. In their defense, they do this style of music a lot beter than most!
For fans of Pantera and Slayer!!
Icon Records, 2002 (ICON2002). Made in USA. First press.

1. Metal Odyssey     03:09 
2. Into You     03:08 
3. Let it Go     03:17
4. Come Join the Fight     03:40
5. Root of All Hatred     03:27
6. Bloodseed     03:41
7. Derailing     06:19
8. Endless Negativity     03:23
9. Beez     04:28
10. What to Think?!     04:12
11. Endbringer     05:31
Total playing time: 44:15

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