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MASS HYPNOSIA “Toxiferous Cyanide” /CD/

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The second full-length album by Philippine Death/Thrash Metal band.
Mass Hypnosia is a trio from the eastern fringes of Metro Manila's derelict urban landscape. 
Untouched by the blinding ineptitude that plagues the local Philippine band scene they guard their underground ideology with a fence of barbwired independence. Band have stocked their arsenal with an uncomprable and uncompromising barrage of hate and strife that is heard clear and precise within their riffs and the disturbingly intent nature of the band's murderous vocal screams. Slowly gaining notoriety and status on the Filipino underground music community, founder Karl Rosales kept and still keeps the fire burning despite of several lineup changes. Since their 2011 demo, "Blood Spotted Bullet Face", the band focuses on a matured, raw and gritty sound, which would become the prototype of the new direction the band is bound on.
All this cumulating in the release of “Toxiferous Cyanide” - an album full of raw and energetic Thrash Metal, which sounds as Thrash Metal should sound!
Disintegrating the fence line of vicious Brutal Thrash Metal and creative old school Thrash Metal art form, Mass Hypnosia is among the few handful of artists in Southeast Asia who had achieved a truly exemplar status in the international Underground extreme music scene!!
Uncompromising raw material in the vein of 80's Kreator, Sacrifice, and old Merciless!!
Ragnarök Records, 2016 (RAG 005). Made in Germany. Pressed in Poland.

1. Heres The Knife 5:33 
2. Terror Panic 2:43 
3. Bullet Face 3:26 
4. Krucifier 3:47 
5. Stigmata 4:49 
6. No Mercy For Victory 6:21 
7. Evil Awakes 5:44 
8. Toxiferous Cyanide 5:01 
9. Unbound - Outro 3:43
Total playing time: 41:30 min.

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