KALEVALA "The Cuckoo's Children" /CD/

Second full-length album by Russian Slavonic Pagan Folk Metal band.
Metalism Records,2009 (MR 041-09)

1.Kalevala 04:27
2.The Cuckoo's Children 03:28
3.Handfuls of Thawed Snow 04:07
4.Pussy Willows Cried 06:04
5.Kupala’s Night 04:48
6.By the Broken Bathtub of the Solitary Porch 04:19
7.Heady Lungwort's White Fire 04:22
8.The Wind at the Back 05:23
9.The First Last Sunset 04:37
10.About the Stud (The Balls) 05:16

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