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КАЛЕВАЛА / KALEVALA "Кукушкины Дети / The Cuckoo's Children" /CD/

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The second full-length studio album by Russian Slavonic Pagan Folk Metal band.
With only their second album, the band already shows that they have a really strong experience and capacity to play good music. Don't expect anything dark here, "The Cuckoo's Children" is just a jovial Folk Metal album which uses Russian traditional music to create addictive super positive music.
It's not so hard to describe Kalevala. Just take an accordion and the Polka influences of Finntroll add a female singer, play good festive Metal and voila! You'll really like the accordion and the positive spirit featured on each song!
"The Cuckoo's Children" is perfectly recorded and the sound is loud and powerful. The voice of Kseniya is a bit particular being a bit Pop, but it just fits perfectly to the music and add a cool atmosphere to the songs. The album is perfectly played - the band is really proffessional. And even if it's Folk Metal - you'll listen a good and heavy solo-guitar riffs, this is real Metal!
"The Cuckoo's Children" is an excellent album of catchy fun and festive Folk Metal. If you want to have a beer or let's say a good vodka with your mates, listening to perfect music to party, this album is a must! Kalevala is an excellent discovery and let's hope that they will be exported all across the world or Folk Metal fans will miss something!!
Metalism Records, 2009 (MR 041-09). Made in Russia. First press.

1. Калевала / Kalevala 04:27
2. Кукушкины дети / The Cuckoo's Children 03:27
3. Горсти талого снега / Handfuls of Thawed Snow 04:08
4. Плакали вербы / Pussy Willows Cried 06:04
5. Купальская ночь / Kupala’s Night 04:48
6. У разбитого корыта / By the Broken Bathtub of the Solitary Porch 04:20
7. Медуницы пряной белый костёр / Heady Lungwort's White Fire 04:22
8. Ветер в спину / The Wind at the Back 05:23
9. Первый последний закат / The First Last Sunset 04:37
10. Про жеребца (Яйца) / About the Stud (The Balls) 05:16
Total playing time: 46:54 min.

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