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IN FLAMES “The Tokyo Showdown – Live In Japan 2000” /Ltd. 2CD/

  • IN FLAMES “The Tokyo Showdown – Live In Japan 2000” /Ltd. 2CD/

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    Band: IN FLAMES
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The first live album by the legendary Swedish Melodic Death Metal band.
Finally, a live album from In Flames! Having relentlessly toured the globe for their previous two releases, In Flames has rocked concert joints everywhere, and where better to record a show than the Land of the Rising Sun (more like the land of the super-appreciative Metal fan). So that's what we get. Fifteen pure, bad-assed tracks recorded live in Tokyo!!
If you have never seen In Flames live before there's something you need to know before listening: the band's sound is somewhat different than you might expect. Gone is the Studio Fredman polish as well as a lot of the softer portions on their discs. Just like any other good Metal band in concert, these guys are really out to do some damage. The best part is that the raw, bare sound suits the music very well. The live version of "Jotun" is much more aggressive than on "Whoracle", "Clayman" has new charm, and the "Raining Blood" riff thrown into the middle of "Scorn" is just as cool as the crowd seems to think!
If you have seen In Flames on their "Clayman" tours, you will likely be familiar with the set list but there are a few surprises in the Tokyo show. The first is that they play "Gyroscope" and though it comes off sounding good, it seems odd for the show. Speaking of incongruous, the second surprise is that they play "Swim".
Recorded during the Japan Tour in November 2000 at show in Tokyo. Produced and mixed at Studio Fredman in Spring 2001.
During their performance of "Scorn" band incorporated the opening riffs of Slayer's "Raining Blood". The album title was inspired by the action film "Showdown in Little Tokyo".
Limited Edition includes bonus CD!
Nuclear Blast GmbH/Scarecrow Records, 2001/2002 (SC02041). Made in Mexico.


CD 1:
1. Bullet Ride 4:41
2. Embody The Invisible 3:42
3. Jotun 3:33
4. Food For The Gods 4:24
5. Moonshield 4:25
6. Clayman 3:36
7. Swim 3:21
8. Behind Space 3:52
9. Only For The Weak 4:31
10. Gyroscope 3:25
11. Scorn 3:50
12. Ordinary Story 4:15
13. Pinball Map 4:33
14. Colony 4:47
15. Episode 666 3:37

CD 2:
1. Clad In Shadows `99 2:20
2. Strong And Smart 2:33
3. Man Made God 4:12
4. Behind Space (Live) 3:37
5. Goliaths Disarm Their Davids 4:57

Total playing time: 78:11


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