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Second full-length album by the Italian Thrash Metal band.
This long-existing band has been releasing music since 1994, and between that year and 2007 they released five demos and one full-length. Now they offer their second album and its full-on Thrash mania, neither old-school or new-school, none of that matters: it just thrashes like hell and exists to kill!
Music similar to Slayer and vocal very similar to Tom Araya’s vocal!! This is an Italian SLAYER!!!
Live Tribe Music/Buil2Kill Records, 2012 (B2K 0021)

1. Intro/Last Thinking
2. World Decline
3. Black as War
4. Empty Thoughts
5. The Ones
6. Slaved From Darkness
7. Dimension Zero
8. Ghost Messiah
9. Sign Of The Death

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