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HIGHLORD "The Warning After" /CD/

  • HIGHLORD "The Warning After" /CD/

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    Band: HIGHLORD
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Seventh full-length album by Italian Power Metal band.
Power Metal fans scream: Hallelujah!!! One of the genre's best band returns!
Hailing from Torino, Italy, their debut released in 1999 and 6 full length albums to follow, this band stayed consistent. Having some releases overseas and touring in Europe, Highlord seems to be on top of their game. Production is awesome and hats off to the engineers on this milestone. "The Warning After" has something special in it, finding it is the journey. Solos are great and songwriting is Metal as f*****k with a rollercoaster of compositions!
Total Euro Power Metal excellence from a band wholly committed to the cause!! Also recommend for anyone into Progressive Heavy Metal in vein of Dream Theater or Queensryche!!!
Punishment 18 Records, 2013 (P18R 056). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Tonightmare 02:17
2. The Goggle Mirror 04:30
3. Brother to the End 06:24
4. Inside the Vacuity Circle 01:41
5. Standing in the Rain 05:24
6. No More Heroes 05:15 
7. Of Tears and Rhymes 04:18
8. The Warning After 04:42
9. In This Wicked World 04:00
10. Arcade Warriors 04:52
Total playing time: 43:23

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