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  • FRANCESCO FARERI "Suspension" /CD/

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Re-recorded re-release of the debut full-length album by Greek Progressive Metal/Shred guitarist virtuoso.
Over the edge guitar techniques together with intricate piano and keyboards parts on a powerful drum programming, in the Progressive Neoclassical Shred style. It is a Shred album like no other.  It’s a treasure trove of faster-than-light alternate picking, arpeggios from hell, unbelievable tapping, and much more!  The speed at which this guy flies around the fretboard is absolutely unreal.  Yngwie Malmsteen and Michael Angelo are nothing on this dude.  If you’re into Neo-classical players who go beyond the usual speed limit, get yourself a copy of this album!
Francesco recorded the “Suspension” album at his home studio, Suspension Records, from October 2000 to January 2001.  He played and recorded all the guitar parts (in which he used an Ibanez RG550), as well as keyboards, bass guitar and drum programming.
You can tell that the whole album is going to be pure bliss from here.  No song is deficient of soul and emotion, as portrayed especially in “Pointbreak”, “Introspective”, and “Secrets”, in which Francesco employs a tapping technique on a clean sound throughout the whole song.  There are, of course, your wild Shred masterpieces, like “Suspension”, “Cyborg”, and “Paradox”. Re-edition contains additional track "Relentless".
For fans of instrumental guitar shred consisting of fast and relentless, intense playing, and a big progressive vibe!!
Last Debate Records, 2001/2012 (LDR 003). Made in Italy.

1. Suspension
2. Pointbreak
3. Introspective
4. Cyborg
5. Secrets
6. Relentless
7. Paradox

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