FEAR MY THOUGHTS "Hell Sweet Hell" /CD/

Fourth full-length album by German Melodic Death Metal band.
With this album band made the step to the major league of European Melodic Death Metal. Littered with pounding, intricate riffs and catchy lead guitar harmonies, the CD also sees lead singer Mathias Von Ockl developing a solid deep & throaty growl as well as tackling some melodic clean passages with ease, all trademarks of the Swedish bands mentioned above.
Highly recommended for fans of Soilwork, Arch Enemy, Mastodon, The Haunted and Isis!
LifeForce Records, 2005 (LFR 054-2). Made in Germany

1. Intro 00:56
2. Windows for the Dead 04:46
3. In the Hourglass 04:28
4. My Delight 04:40
5. Sweetest Hell 03:48
6. Dying Eyes 03:32
7. Sadist Hour 04:14
8. The Masters Call 04:14
9. Ghosts of Time 04:11
10. Satisfaction Guaranteed 04:22
11. The Fighting 03:53
12. Trying to Feel 06:25
Total playing time: 49:29

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