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EXECRATION “The Acceptance Of Zero Existence” /CD/

  • EXECRATION “The Acceptance Of Zero Existence” /CD/

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Second full-length album by the American Brutal Death Metal band.
Execration is innovative and flamboyant. It mixes up everything very artistically – flashy guitar-playing that wouldn’t be out of place on a technical album but is coupled with certifiably Death Metal parts, evocative of the wackier Morbid Angel. There’s sane and there’s schizophrenic, but Execration displays multiple personality disorders and yet it’s part of its personality, so to speak. It all sticks together during the execution.
The album’s got immensely dark parts that wouldn’t be out of place on an Immolation album, riffs so heavy that it would slice down a mutant body in one repetition, drumming that is animated as if it’s possessed by a writhing animal.
"The Acceptance Of Zero Existence" is an exceptional album that could easily be mistaken for anything else this genre produces by the dung load. This one lies there, shining bright, almost outcast by its looks, but it’s truly something else. More listens reveal its intricate fabric, sewn together using many different pieces of Death Metal textures. Rarely do you come across an album this heavy and brutal, which is also doing something innovative without losing its sound!
For fans of Origin, Hate Eternal and Immolation!!
Comatose Music, 2012 (COMA 060). Made in USA. First press.

1. Through the Portal     00:55 
2. Awake the Darkened     02:19 
3. The Acceptance of Zero Existence     05:56 
4. Infernal Rites of Exsanguination     03:37 
5. Serpentine Changeling     03:37 
6. The Stars Will Make Known My Rage     03:49 
7. Further Through the Portal     01:34 
8. Queen Amongst the Wolves     02:36 
9. The Great Fall     05:15 
10. Falling Through the Portal     01:56 
11. The First Death     05:56
Total playing time: 37:30

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