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EVEREVE "E-Mania" /CD/

  • EVEREVE "E-Mania" /CD/

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    Band: EVEREVE
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The fourth full-length album by the German Gothic Metal band.
After almost more than two years of silence, the band begins to look forward to a new concept; they find themselves some suitable stage names, add a new vocalist, sign with Massacre Records and of course release a new album entitled “E-mania”, a new beginning in every way!
Whereas the bands first two albums offered creative Symphonic Doom/Death Metal with tons of other genres molded into the bands epic soundscape, “E-mania” takes on a more futuristic approach of Cyber Gothic Metal with emphasis on various atmospheres that aren’t too east to digest. It’s the same road Paradise Lost has undertaken on their last four releases; the main difference is that Evereve don’t forget the heavy guitars and up-tempo paces. The melodic guitars from the early days also have a modern approach to them through different sound filters but the trademark lead guitars haven’t gone out of sight, so phew!
Experimentation with different clean guitar and keyboard sounds is ever present on “E-mania”. This experimentation is rather useful and generates all kinds of atmospheres ranging from blunt schizophrenia (“This Is Not...”), gothic dance floor heat (“K.M. Most Terrible God”), to more hard-hitting themes like sadistic love (“Suzanne”) and bitterness (“T.o O.ur D.enial”). The new vocalist fits well with the new concept. He reminds of Fernando Ribeiro (Moonspell) at some points, he has the same low-accent-creepy voice.
“E-mania” shows a band that’s back on track and willing to experiment and invent. They really pulled themselves together and explored their options.
By the way, the album has 51 tracks and lasts for 51 minutes and 51 seconds (if you include the hidden tracks), wait a second, and 3x5+1=666 - the number of the beast! Fun, very fun!!
Massacre Records, 2001 (MAS CD0270). Made in Germany. First press.

1. K.M. (Most Terrible God)     03:19 
2. Pilgrimage     04:30
3. The Flesh Divine     03:55
4. SomeDAY     03:54 
5. This Is Not...     05:21
6. Suzanne     03:19
7. Demons     03:39
8. Ligeia     01:47 
9. SeeTheTruth     04:24 
10. T.o O.ur D.enial     04:04
11. Fade to Grey     03:44
12. 515151     01:28
Total playing time: 43:24

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