DUAL-COMA “Reprogrammed H.A.T.E.” /CD/

The new re-release effort of Polish thrash/death metal band. "Reprogrammed H.A.T.E." contains material from the previously released "Program H.A.T.E." demo, the "Bulletproof Heart" EP and also features a video for the song "Bulletproof Heart".
Let Them Come Productions, 2009 (LTCP-0003)

1.Bulletproof Heart (04:31)
2.Divided Mind (04:31)
3.Blood Drunk (04:03)
4.Nuclear Lost (05:02)
5.Constellation (05:11)
6.Chain Reaction (04:31)
7.Parabellum (04:19)
8.Stand By (04:52)
9.Program H.A.T.E. (04:39)
10.Zero (05:39)
Total playing time: 47:18

+ “Bulletproof Heart” video

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