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DRUDKH "Eastern Frontier In Flames" /Digipack CD/

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    Band: DRUDKH
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First compilation album by Ukrainian Folk Black Metal band.
The definitive collection of the long out-of-print EPs, including the brand new EP "Thousands Of Moons Ago". "Eastern Frontier In Flames" combines 2007's "Anti-Urban" EP, 2010's "Slavonic Chronicles" EP with the recent half of their vinyl-only split collaboration with Winterfylleth.
Despite their having only been in existence since 2002, it's hard not to think of Drudkh as elder statesmen of Black Metal. From "Forgotten Legends" to "Eternal Turn Of The Wheel", their brand of Black Metal has become highly influential, and although certain albums may not have been as good as others, there's still a generally high bar set as this collection of rare EP material shows. Bringing together all this stuff, it's a release primarily for fans. Each song is interesting and holds your attention well, showing off the musicianship of the talented foursome as they take the Drudkh sound further.
Integral piece to any Drudkh fan's collection! For fans of: Burzum, Agalloch, Fen... etc!!
Season Of Mist/Underground Activists, 2014 (SUA054). Made in France. First press.

1. Fallen Into Oblivion
2. Ashes
3. Tam Gdzie Gaśnie Dzień... (Sacrilegium Cover)
4. Indiánská Písen Hruzy (Master's Hammer Cover)
5. ...W Krainie Drzew (Hefeystos Cover) 
6. Ten, Ktery Se Vyhyba Svetlu (Unclean Cover) 
7. Recidivus (Sacrilegium Cover)

Tracks 1-2 taken from the EP "Anti-Urban", released in 2007.
Tracks 3-4 taken from the EP "Slavonic Chronicles", released in 2010.
Tracks 5-7 taken from the the split "Thousands Of Moons Ago / The Gates" split with Winterfylleth, released in 2014.


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