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DRAGONHAMMER "The X Experiment" /CD/

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  • DRAGONHAMMER "The X Experiment" /CD/

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The third full-length studio album by Italian Progressive Power Metal band.
After 9 years of silence Dragonhammer returns with an explosive mix of Power, Epic and Progressive Metal. Dragonhammer belt out a seemingly typical brand of Power Metal that is nevertheless littered with Progressive flourishes, and contains Symphonic atmospherics and interludes.
The first song, "The End Of The World", begins as such; an epic and melodic Power Metal track not too dissimilar to Stratovarius, and showcases Max's impressive vocal range; in the chorus, we can hear striking vocal similarities to that of Elvenking, and also some equally impressive lead guitar and keyboard work. "The X Experiment" takes on a most-welcomed Progressive vibe. A powerful and aggressive, yet slow-tempo opening riff makes way for a thoroughly heavy track overlaid with strong Children Of Bodom-like keyboard melodies; riff wise speaking, much of the song is a pounding gallop. Halfway through you will immediately struck by a highly Dream Theater-esque series of flourishes. The album drives forward in a much heavier direction in "Escape" that begins deceptively Thrashy, but one is soon enough greeted by rather Avantgarde-sounding keyboard that gradually pads out the song to a mellow, mid-tempo Soft Rock passage. Soon enough, Max's wails give way to something far more Metallic, and the lays down a much more bombastic series of riffs following a return to the previous motif.
Quite possibly one of the most 'Progressive-sounding' track on the album is "The Others", which strives to keep a relatively upbeat and unmistakably heavy atmosphere and deals with, admittedly, cliché topics, but the lyrics are nonetheless honest and hit home. Here we also can find some of the more beautiful melodies contained within the record, especially in the keyboard sections. Lastly, the last track on the record is also great; "Last Solution" begins with an infectiously groovy and catchy riff that is soon backed by a strange keyboard recording. Among the guitars and vocals, the chord progressions are what will get you: melodious, uplifting and effective. Naturally, the chorus vocals are equally as soaring as the guitar and keyboard melodies, and the song features an excellent solo.
Not necessarily one of the most unique Power Metal bands, but would not go as far as to use the term generic, and definitely not a bad album, which contains the features that every Power Metal listener looks for! This is majestic and melodic Power Metal opera!!
My Kingdom Music, 2013 (echo096). Made in Italy. First press.

1. It’s Beginning 01:35
2. The End of the World 04:54
3. Seek in the Ice 05:27
4. The X Experiment 04:58
5. Escape 05:20
6. My Destiny 06:03
7. The Others 04:35
8. Follow Your Star 05:30
9. Last Solution 04:53
Total playing time: 43:17 min.


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