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DISTURBED “Evolution” /LP/

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The seventh full-length studio album by American Modern Heavy Metal band.
The band's first album in over three years and the band's first album in over eight years to involve bass guitarist John Moyer. 
Disturbed became one of the biggest Metal acts of all time with only two tools in their arsenal: knowing what people want and how to deliver it to them. Disturbed have updated their image slightly this time, with David Draiman ditching those chin rings after saying they made him feel like "a 45-year old Hot Topic kid." The new album is called "Evolution", after all, so no point looking back!
After the runaway success of the Simon and Garfunkel cover on 2015's "Immortalized", it's hard to guess what Disturbed might have up their sleeves next. "Evolution" doesn't include any covers, but it does contain some of the boldest musical choices Disturbed have made in their multi-decade career. Frontman David Draiman stated that the writing and recording of the album was influenced by Classic Rock that members have listened to in their youth. Guitarist Dan Donegan stated that the album's title was representative of their goal on the album, to challenge themselves to evolve their sound.
By splitting their allegiances, the risk is that Disturbed won’t please either type of fan. The good news is that, despite their overwrought qualities, each slow song is boosted by those impressive vocals, while the heavier ones boast choruses as hooky as his former chin piercings (he’s removed them as he feels too old for them). This is without doubt the most diverse record in Disturbed’s catalogue, and it remains to be seen whether it’s a transition into a new, ‘grown up’ career, or an interesting experiment. The heavy songs on "Evolution" should please longtime fans, with a couple harkening back to the dynamism of Disturbed’s first couple of albums. "Evolution" certainly doesn't sound like anything they've done before. At best, "Evolution" could add a few more bangers to their roster.
The album is a tribute to deceased Heavy Metal musicians such as Chester Bennington of Linkin Park and Vinnie Paul of Pantera, with whom Disturbed were friends and toured with over the years.
It's debuted at number four on the Billboard 200, making it Disturbed's sixth straight top 5 album. It is the band's first album since "The Sickness" not to reach number one, thus ending the band's streak of number one albums at five.
Reprise Records, A Warner Music Group Company, 2018 (9362-49050-7). Made in EU. First press.


Side One
1. Are You Ready 4:22
2. No More 3:53
3. A Reason To Fight 4:44
4. In Another Time 4:11
5. Stronger On Your Own 4:01

Side Two
6. Hold On To Memories 5:04
7. Saviour Of Nothing 4:12
8. Watch You Burn 4:20
9. The Best Ones Lie 4:03
10. Already Gone 4:29

Total playing time: 43:19 min.

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