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HIDDEN INTENT “Walking Through Hell” /CD/

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Official re-release of the debut full-length album by the Australian Thrash Metal band.
Like most of the modern Thrash acts that are releasing albums, "Walk Through Hell" isn’t an exercise in originality as it establishes an older sound right from the get go. It’s not to the effect of being a ‘retro’ release as there seems to be a certain tendency towards groove styled riffs and a modern blend of vocals, but the heart and soul of the album does lend itself towards an older feeling.
The term ‘groove’ used above probably panicked a few of the fans, but fear not as the band is most definitely a Thrash band through and through with the fast riffing, harsher vocals, and some Punkish drum work to keep up some of the energy.
The intro of “Through Your Eyes” would dispel most detractors with the vicious riffing and this Bay Area inspired Thrash basis forms a good portion of the martial to be found on "Walk Through Hell". The band does careen into some mid tempo 90s style Groove to give some flavor to the album, but most of it never detracted from the Thrash foundations and gives the album so solid push and pull elements to the writing.
There are two distinctive features that Hidden Intent bring to the table on this debut. The first one is three tone style vocals. One portion is a more standard snarling Thrash style that slightly touches on the guttural, one portion is a low end melodic style singing not unlike that of Robb Flynn on early Machine Head records, and the final is the punctuation of some shrill soaring shrieks. The final portion is used mostly for punch, where it works in brief spurts like of the rolling “Betrayed”. The second distinctive feature of "Walk Through Hell" is the impressive bass usage. While it’s not necessarily the most technical bass pieces you’ll have heard from a band, the use of an almost melancholic tone on a few interludes and as a driving force for the rhythm section cannot be understated.
This is a wicked Thrash album with a dash of politiPunk attitude. Each time you'll listen to this your mind will keeps going back to Sacred Reich - it sounds like crossing Sacred Reich with Winterkill and adding a touch of Mekong Delta for good measure. It’s a strong blend of early 90s Groove elements and old school Thrash bursts and it comes off as a rather pleasant surprise and one that Thrashers should keep an eye on! Check it out!!
Punishment 18 Records, 2013/2014 (P18R 077). Made in Italy.

1. Confession 1:27
2. Walking Through Hell 5:06
3. Through Your Eyes 3:31
4. Betrayed 5:21
5. Die Inside 4:26
6. Good Friday Thrash 4:23
7. Get What You Can Get 4:39
8. Face Your Demon 3:59
9. Creature Of Habit 4:36
10. Bass Wankage 0:51
11. Black Hole 6:10
Total playing time: 44:29


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