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CRUSHER "Endless Torment" /Digital LP/

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    Band: CRUSHER
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Digital Release includes:

- album tracks in MP3 or WAV (select needed format);
- band bio in PDF;
- band photo (JPEG);
- digital booklet in PDF.

The debut full-length album by Ukrainian Thrash Metal band.
Along with Violent Omen, Crusher constitute the main Ukrainian driving force to return to the mass values and ideals of the old school Thrash Metal. The band already has an army of fans .
Wide oldschool Thrash Metal, that trio plays on their debut, allows the listener to the fully experience the atmosphere of the 80s dashing, almost without betraying the fact that "Endless Torment" it's modern release. Aged in the style "of those times", with concise 8-pages booklet, artless songs with the English lyrics, raw sound and total time about of half hour - all done "as it should be"! Recorded with a small artificial rawness and laxity.
Best Ukrainian Thrash Metal Band of the Year! Recommended for all fans of oldschool Thrash/Speed Metal!!
Total Metal Records, 2012 (MSR030/CD-TMR05).

1.Intro 02:00
2.On The Needle 04:55 
3.Den Of Iniquity 03:31 
4.Politishit 03:52
5.Endless Torment 05:14
6.S(k)atanic Ride 03:07 
7.Jesus Saves 02:54
8.Living for... 03:56
9.Thrasher In Hell 02:04
Total playing time: 31:36 min.



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