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The third full-length studio album by Greek Technical Melodic Thrash Metal band.
This is another successful thing from the trappings of Neo-Thrash Metal! It is evident that the members of Chronosphere are professional musicians and not ones to be high on beer and growls like those of other Neo-Thrash more-generic offerings.
Their first album, "Envirusment", was a favorite among many Thrashers, and "Embracing Oblivion" was a very strong follow-up. After three years, they have come back with "Red n’ Roll", a title that indicates a change in style for the band. Gone also is Chronosphere's previous logo. However, the abandonment of the logo is beyond the music itself, which is almost on par to that of the previous album and in some ways rivals it. 
"Red n’ Roll" almost feels like an entirely different band that is trying to do something new. This album tries to be Thrash Metal, but most of this album sounds like Thrash n’ Roll. If you are wondering why that term sounds foreign, it is because Thrash n’ Roll does not exist! And you know what it's mean? Yes, it's mean, this band brings something new and original to this music world!!
Highly recommended for all fans of genre, especially those in Technical, but still Melodic Thrash way!!!
Punishment 18 Records, 2017 (P18R 121). Made in Italy.

1. Alu Card 2:13
2. Demonized 4:40
3. Before It's Gone 3:33
4. Picking Up My Pieces 4:23
5. Be The Best 4:10
6. The Force To Put An End 4:02
7. Honest To Kill 4:34
8. Wolves Out Of Cage 4:06
9. Warriors 3:45
10. Portal To The Underworld 5:11
Total playing time: 40:39 min.


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