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CHIMAIRA “Resurrection” /Ltd. Digipack CD + DVD/

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The fourth full-length album by American Groove/Post-Thrash Metal/Metalcore band.
Chimaira is a band that went through some hard times. They had to replace their drummer 3 times, they had changed their bassist 3 time, they replace one of their guitar player. Now it's a totally different band. People used to think that they stayed close to their Nu-Metal roots of "Pass Out Of Existence" but they haven't. You've got to listen to all of their records to see the evolution of the band. "Resurrection" is now the pinnacle of their career. The impossibility of reason was an angry Thrash album, "Chimaira", it was a more mature product. Now "Resurrection" is the mix of the two. Featuring some of their most aggressive part and some of the most epic moments you can't think.
With Andols Herrick back in the band the band have now resurrect which is why they've choose this record title and write a song about it. The music is as angry as the impossibility of reason. Maturity is a word that always seems to be more involve in the case of Chimaira.
Music wise the band is still using the same format but the songs are shorter than on the self-titled. Thrash riff, double bass, solos and breakdown. The guitar work of Rob Arnold is amazing. The album is bit more Thrash than they used to. They're not getting closer to the status of a Trash band than a Metalcore band. Mark Hunter's voice is at his peak. His lyrics are some of the most brutal he's written. The bass is a bit more present than before. Jason Suecof, the producer, help Jim Lamarca a lot on writing bass line. You can see it on the bonus DVD. Rob solos are like they used to be. Not too much but just great. Andols now better than ever; he's using more cymbals.
Overall this record is a solid work, more mature and darker. They're now holding their future up their hand. We're just hoping that they'll stay in the good direction!
This is the Chimaira's first album with Ferret Music since leaving Roadrunner Records. "Resurrection" features drummer Andols Herrick who rejoined the band. Debuting at number 42 on the Billboard 200 charts, "Resurrection" shipped about 16,000 copies sold in its first week. The title track appears on the soundtrack for the video game Saint's Row 2. The album is also listed on Metal Storm's top 100 metal albums.
Limited Edition contains bonus DVD documentary of the making of the album.
Nuclear Blast GmbH, 2007 (NB 1823-0). Made in Germany. First press.



1. Resurrection 4:37
2. Pleasure In Pain 3:04
3. Worthless 3:44
4. Six 9:44
5. No Reason To Live 3:44
6. Killing The Beast 3:47
7. The Flame 5:23
8. End It All 4:21
9. Black Heart 4:23
10. Needle 3:08
11. Empire 5:33
Total playing time: 51:28

1. Studio Report - The Making Of "Resurrection" 
2. Resurrection Clip
3. Jim Reel
4. Photogallery

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