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FACE DOWN "The Will To Power" /Ltd. Slipcase DVD + CD/

  • FACE DOWN "The Will To Power" /Ltd. Slipcase DVD + CD/

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    Band: FACE DOWN
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Third full-length album by Swedish Post-Thrash/Death Metal band.
Formerly known as Machine God, latest reunited with vocalist Marco Aro (formerly of The Haunted), Face Down gets down to business with their crushing Death/Thrash ferocity, a quite heavy wall-of-sound guitar style and angry, Hardcore-ish vocals.
Comparisons to Pantera are valid, as well as fellow Swedes such as Transport League or Mary Beats Jane, though these guys are perhaps a shade heavier. For forty-three minutes flat, the band go for the jugular without any respite whatsoever, ripping and snarling their way through ten songs that aren't so much aggressive as borderline barbaric. The crusty yet bass-heavy production doesn't make proceedings any prettier either, and that's just fine, really: this triptych makes "The Will to Power" one of the heaviest, catchiest and downright nasty Thrash Metal albums.
Recorded by Jocke Skog (Clawfinger) & Joacim Carlsson at Fear and Loathing Studio, Spanga, Sweden.
Limited Edition comes with two bonus audio tracks, mini-poster, sticker (at DVD-Case edition only) and bonus-DVD (including live songs from "Sweden Rock Festival 2005", photo gallery and additional promo-material).
Limited Edition DVD-Case CD+DVD.
Black Lodge Records, 2005 (BLOD 069CDL). Made in Sweden. Pressed in Austria.



1. Drained 04:21
2. Blood Tiles 03:57
3. Heroin 04:04
4. Insanity 03:33
5. Will To Power 04:48
6. Grey 03:47
7. Heretic 03:27
8. The Delusion 04:14
9. War Hog 03:45
10. The Unsung 05:23
Bonus Tracks:
11. My Sacrifice 03:27
12. Strife 03:13

1. Holy Rage 05:41
2. Life Relentless 03:54
3. My Sacrifice 04:04

Total playing time: 61:38

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