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WOSLOM “Time To Rise” /CD/

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    Band: WOSLOM
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Official re-release of the debut full-length album by Brazilian Thrash Metal band.
Originally self-released in 2010, this is an album that doesn’t shy away from their Thrash foundations and really cooks some catchy and fun material with enough swagger and punch to work. While their sophomore effort went for an overall mid tempo Thrash sound, "Time To Rise" is a much faster and aggressive release. Not that there isn’t a bit of groove to be found throughout, but generally speaking there is a lot more ‘pep in the step’ of the Thrash contained on this release to be devoured. This is where Woslom really works their best and it’s the main portion of what’s being offered on this debut.
At times, these Brazilian Thrashers pull a bit from the early days of Thrash with their touches of melodic layering and general ambitious energy. “Checkmate” and “Power & Misery” have a slightly old school Metallica vibe to them with their winding structures and a bit of Megadeth in the snarling melodic vocals of the latter. From there the band builds on the classic Thrash sound with a slightly modernized style in the riff on the album title track or the slightly groove oriented notes on “The Deep Null”.
The truth remains that this debut is the best record so far from Woslom. It’s a catchy record with enough groove and melody to stick with the listener as a whole and enough Thrash punch and jabs to keep the moshing elite interested. Woslom is still a band that has yet to hit their full potential, but "Time To Rise" is definitely an album worth checking out for a Thrashing time!
For fans of: Testament, Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth!!
CD includes "Time To Rise" Video Clip.
Punishment 18 Records, 2010/2014 (P18R 076). Made in Italy.

1. Time To Rise 3:46
2. Soulless (S.O.T.D.) 5:28
3. Power & Misery 8:34
4. The Deep Null 5:10
5. Mortal Effect 3:05
6. Despise Your Pain 5:04
7. Downfall 3:02
8. Checkmate 9:18
9. Beyond Inferno 4:02
Total playing time: 47:29


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