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WOMB (Spa) “Deception Through Your Lies” /CD/

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    Band: WOMB
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The debut full-length album by Spanish Atmospheric Doom/Death Metal band.
In "Deception Through Your Lies" musicians move towards enrichment of Atmospheric Doom Death Metal by different techniques and methods, making the composition diverse and rich. Heavy but melancholic music filled with endless melody will appeal to anyone who appreciates not only the outer side of Doom Death Metal consisting of catchy riffs and dense guitar sound, but also its sensual side awakening thoughts and feelings.
Culling very heavily from the Scandinavian and British Doom scene of yore, Womb has a distinctly Finnish sound; long songs with crunchy guitars, super deep growls and layers of rending melodies over patient, plodding riffs and a light gloss of pianos and cellos.
Opener “Echoes of Our Scars” pretty well capture’s the band’s sullen mope perfectly with a delicate piano tinkle amid some lethargic crumbling and a little acoustic break and mood shift about 5 minutes in that’s very well done. “Ends” and closer “Forgotten By her Bliss” ( the band is dialed into the depressive theme as well as the sound as you can see from the song titles) all deliver some top notch, really despondent melodies that compete with anything from their peers as far as getting you right in the feels. But it’s not a complete drone fest as third track, “March” even has a more uptempo, but still rending burst and “Equisdistant” adds a bit of a mid paced chug towards it climax.
The atmospheric moments are short and sweet by way of either a piano, under started clean female vocals (“March”) or short acoustic bridge. So in all an pretty damn solid example for the genre, and one we'll look forward to hearing more off!
Solitude Productions/Hypnotic Dirge Records, 2015 (SP. 112-15/HDR - 043). Made in Russia. First press. Golden disc.

1. Echoes Of Our Scars 7:59 
2. Ends 6:07 
3. March 6:12 
4. Equidistant 7:09 
5. Forgotten By Her Bliss 6:48
Total playing time: 34:15


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