WARFIST / EXHALATION / MESMERIZED "Satanic & Violent Metal Aggression" /3-way Split CD/

Death / Black / Thrash Metal from Poland
Psycho Records, 2009 (PR CD 006)


1.Satanic War Metal
2.Latex Domination
3.Goatcocksucker (2009)
4.Welcome to Hell (Venom cover)

5.Anxiety (Intro)
6.Prophet of Pain
7.Skull Trepanation
8.Martwy Za Zycia
9.Embodied Filth
10.Quiescence (Outro)

Mesmerized (Pol)
12.Lesser Minds
13.Bringer of Death - Bringer of Doom
14.Vestiges of Terror
15.His Empty Shrine (New Version)

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