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VICE HUMAN "Vice Human" + "Metal Attack" /CD/

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Re-issue of the two first albums (’84 and ’85) of oldschool Heavy Metal band from Greece.
Vice Human deliver classic 80s Heavy Metal and on this reissue you get both of their rare original albums on one CD!
Recommended for fans of Black Sabbath and Ozzy.
Unisound Records, 2003 (8803001) An exact bootlegged replica.


1.Stand Up 02:58
2.I Need Power 03:52
3.Life Don't Be Blind 03:08
4.I Long to Kill You Beast 03:00
5.Damned World 03:32
6.You're Gonna Work All the Time 02:39
7.Can You Feel the Night 03:29
8.Running Always 02:47
9.Dust into My Nose 02:57
10.Vice Human 04:13
11.Make it in Time 03:35

12.Heavy Metal 04:16
13.We are the Future 05:27
14.Hell Has Broken Loose 04:19
15.Hooligan Hero 04:03
16.Alive in the Night 05:14
17.Two Wheels 04:54
18.Metal Wars 03:21
19.Get a Woman 04:48
20.My Friend the Gun 03:06

Total playing time: 75:38

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