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VANLADE “Iron Age” /CD/

  • VANLADE “Iron Age” /CD/

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    Band: VANLADE
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Debut full-length album by the American Heavy/Power Metal band.
Fantastic Traditional Epic Heavy/Power Metal with slight Speed influences.
Power Metal is going to have its dairy requirements met no matter the era, in that there will always be some cheesy bands to exist. In the proud tradition of Manowar comes the Kansas City band Vanlade. Most of the members may have only reached drinking age a few months ago, but they wear their influences with pride, and "Iron Age" is their first chance to get noticed by the world at large.
The first thing about "Iron Age" that grabs your attention is the cover art, which should tell you exactly what you’re getting yourself into with Vanlade: Power Metal with the cheese factor turned up high.  Imagine the love child of Helloween, Manowar and Iron Maiden, and that is what your expectations should be for Vanlade. Kansas following the old flairs of the 80s, inspired by the hooks of Manowar, Wizard, Iron Maiden and Helstar while resembling newer acts as Skelator, has been forging their hardened plate with fire and thunder while slaying dragons and attempting to have a life by the sword by issuing their debut "Iron Age". Though pretty much reprising the same old ways of the bands mentioned plus more, without any type of original edge or something to brag about or to be called their own, they will power to protect true Metal!
Yes, Vanlade has some talent, and certainly, vocalist Brett Scott has some range, to the point of going absurdly high pitched levels. Anyway, more or less "Iron Age" sounded similar to a semi home recording. Vanlade has youth and energy on their side, and even if you can’t tell it on "Iron Age", there is potential. Vocals with significant range is a good start, and in time, the rest of the music will come around, and much of that can only be helped by improved production values.  Vanlade announced their arrival with "Iron Age", but it is up to them if they wish to take the steps necessary to stay in the spotlight.
Epic Heavy Metal for fans of sword and sorcery motifs and the music of Manowar, Skeletor, Domine and Helstar!!
CD includes OBI.
StormSpell Records/Slaney Records, 2010 (SSR-DL90 / Slaney 014). Made in USA. Pressed in Japan. First press.

1. Intro     00:52 
2. Iron Age     06:01 
3. Evil's Bane     05:17 
4. Blood Eagle     05:29 
5. Hypernova     06:02 
6. Wings of Fire     06:00 
7. Bound By Fate (The Rising Dragon)     05:24 
8. Life By the Blade     10:14
Total playing time: 45:19


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