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VA “Hellbenders - Metal Forces” /CD/

  • VA “Hellbenders - Metal Forces” /CD/
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This legendary compilation album is the musical breed and Metallic potential from members of the infamous Hellbangers Heavy Metal Fan Club, started by Okkulto (ex-Desaster) and Costa Stoios (Iron Pegasus Records).
Hellbangers started in 1996 when the local Metalheads from the Mosel area met the guys (Desaster and friends) from the Koblenz area and gather all the local Metalheads from all the small villages in the area under one flag. Originally it was only Hellbangers "Moselfranken" and around 10 years later some Finnish maniacs asked if they could open a "chapter" and most guys here said "ok".
Includes exclusive tracks from Desaster, Metal Inquisitor, Nocturnal, Goat Messiah, Witchburner, Har Shatan...etc and the Finnish Hellbangers from Urn, Flame and Evil Witch!
The first thing that strikes as a positive impression is the diversity among the bands included, from Thrash, Black to Heavy Metal it seems that all "Hellbangers" fight on the same side. Personally it sounds more like a big Metal party where every band shows its loyalty and dedication to Metal beyond genres, categorizations and that's what makes this release so damn cool!
Every band does some really good job in its sector! Don't overlook this really cool compilation!! Fasten your seatbelts, this is Metal right up your ass!!!
Iron Pegasus Records, 2008 (I.P.049). Made in Germany.

1. Urn - Legions United 
2. Desaster - Hellbangers 
3. Har Shatan - Prophet Of Darkness 
4. Witchburner - Pounding Evil 
5. Angel Of Damnation - Warning From The Sky 
6. Midnight Rider - Opium Trail 
7. Nocturnal - Death Is The Answer 
8. Flame - Metallic Warfare 
9. Goat Messiah  - Feralis 
10. Metalucifer - Heavy Metal Hunter (Tribute To Koblenz) 
11. Metal Inquisitor - It's Electric 
12. Evil Witch - I Ride The Wings Of Doom 
13. British Steel  - Ripper

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