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TZOMPANTLI “Aztec Blade” /CD/

  • TZOMPANTLI “Aztec Blade” /CD/

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Debut and only full-length album by Mexican Progressive Power/Folk Metal band.
7 songs of Mexican deep-obscure band, singing in English with a strong good lead vocal a-la Hansi Kürsch. Good work you to listen hurtling melodic Power that takes into account the indigenous melodies of Aztec civilization!
It's almost pure Power Metal, infused with some indigenous elements in the rhythm and also a return of the flute here and there, with Carlos G.T.’s high and a little peculiar (his timbre), but quite original voice over it. The whole undertaking is a little hampered by the sound, which lacks a bit of clarity and breathes more the air of the 80s, but at the same time it gives Tzompanti’s music some earthy authenticity that actually is a welcome change to the many sterile and slick productions of late.
Overall variety definitely is not a problem for band, as they cleverly vary speeds and intensity throughout and in-between the songs.
Tzompanti’s debut effort is a more than remarkable release from Mexico and should find the open ears of quite a few fans of Power Metal!
Awesome Mexican Power/Thrash/Progressive/Folk Metal for fans of Blind Guardian!!
Selfreleased, 2006. Made in Mexico.

1. Clash in Mictlan     09:26 
2. Arriving to the Wall of Dreams     05:41 
3. The Truth Behind the Glory     07:04 
4. Servant of the Nation     08:48 
5. Behind the Shadows     04:04 
6. El Nacimiento del Colibrí     07:35
7. Warrior's Path     07:44 
Total playing time: 50:22

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