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TIMECODE “Lapses” /Digipack CD/

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    Band: TIMECODE
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The second full-length album by Chilean Technical Death Metal band.
This is an album that breaks any practical scheme of grotesque melody to deliver a new evolutionary form of his music. You'll be pleased to crush your ears with something so fascinating.
"Lapses" contains a completely different side to her previous recording. Largest riffs, most barbaric environment, a more Progressive structure and a more melodic voice. 12 tracks (10 real tracks plus an intro and outro) traversing all schemes you can find in Death Metal, keeping melodic and experimental as based on this concept album. You can find a carnivorous beast theme "Severe Episode of Lunacy", a maddening under jars "Lapses", a swing of sequences from Thrash to Progressive with "Erratic", Technical Speed with "Hausdorff Space" and most pro Doom/Death Metal epilogue as impressive as it is "Lasting Sequel". Definitely an album that has it all, and emotion in each track not lacking. This last feature shown fair climax in its last issue before the outro, where the smoothness of a rough track with Death and Doom dense and serene achieve a musical realize that funeral arouses nostalgia one silenced in being.
"Lapses" album is totally recommended for anyone looking for a Progressive and cruel musical design with touches almost melodic style Amon Amarth as well as for fans of: Hypocrisy, Gorefest and Meshuggah! A pretty heavy album that can teach you a lot!!
Australis Records, 2012 (AUS028CD). Made in Chile. First press.

1. Antesala 00:35
2. Severe Episodes of Lunacy 04:42
3. Imbalance Result 03:50
4. Grieving 04:41
5. Lapses 04:09
6. Erratic 03:38
7. The Spiral Eyes 04:48
8. Impediment To Cure 03:59
9. Transtorno 03:51
10. Hausdorff Space 04:11
11. Lasting Sequel 05:31
12. Desenlace 00:31
Total playing time: 44:26


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