THIN LIZZY "Thin Lizzy" /CD/

Debut studio album by legendary Irish hard rock band, released in 1971.
On 11 October 2010, a first remastered and expanded version was released.
CD includes nine bonus tracks from single, EP and more. Used: very good.
Decca Music/Universal, 2010 (984 447-7). Made in Germany.

1.The Friendly Ranger At Clontarf Castle 03:02
2.Honesty Is No Excuse 03:40
3.Diddy Levine 07:06
4.Ray-Gun 03:06
5.Look What The Wind Blew In 03:23
6.Eire 02:07
7.Return Of The Farmer's Son 04:13
8.Clifton Grange Hotel 02:27
9.Saga Of The Ageing Orphan 03:40
Bonus Tracks:
10.Remembering, Pt. 1 06:00
11.The Farmer 03:37
12.Dublin 02:26
13.Remembering, Pt. 2 (New Day) 05:05
14.Old Moon Madness 03:53
15.Things Ain't Working' Out Down At The Farm 04:29
16.Look What The Wind Blew In 03:19
17.Honesty Is No Excuse 02:43
18.Dublin 02:29
19.Down At The Farm 03:58
Total playing time: 70:43

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