THE PIT "Disrupted Human Symmetry" /CD/

Amazing debut full-length album by this furious Mexican Thrash/MDM band.
Formed by members of PROFANATOR & HACAVITZ!!
Fast, raging and intense thrash / melodic death attack with influences in the vein of DEFLESHED, BLOODBATH, AT THE GATES and SLAYER!! Used: good.
Ablaze Productions, 2008

1.Wrathful Machinery 03:41
2.Nobody Dwells 03:07
3.Scorched Horizon 03:31
4.Inner Flux of Rage 03:08
5.Rusted Will 03:42
6.Killing Messiah 03:16
7.Hellspeed Detonation 04:50
8.Black Bullet 04:12
9.Night of Knives 03:49
Total playing time: 33:16

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