THE DARK BEYOND "The Fire Within" /Digipack CD + DVD/

Melodic & furious Death Metal from Mexico.
American Line Prods., 2009 (LA 117)

1.Finishing the Misery 06:17
2.The Path of Rottenfulness 04:07
3.Among the Flames....I see 04:47
4.Entering Astral Perceptions 06:13
5.Born in a Cosmic Chaos 04:39
6.Clouds Gone 04:18
7.The Fiels of Thorns 05:02
8.Worth Dying 06:40
9.The Fire Within 08:33
Bonus tracks:
10.Blinded by Fear (At The Gates Cover) 02:34
11.I ..The Temple of Hate (1999 Demo) 08:18

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