TARTHARIA “Bleeding For The Devil” /CD/

The fourth full-length album by Russian Death/Black Metal band. TarthariA are a Russian band who has been around for a dozen years with 10 releases, including four albums. The new studio album of TarthariA mingles powerful sound, drive and high quality of sounding together - all that listener need..


TARTHARIA “Crowned By Name” /Digipack MCD/

Debut EP by Russian Cyber Post Death/Black Metal band. Excellent stuff in renewed version (first one was recorded in 2005 but newer released) from this original command partially based in Finland. Highly recommended for all whom looking for something fresh and original! Excellent mirror-CD with b..


TARTHARIA “Flashback - X Years In Hell” /Super Jewel Box CD/

The first compilation album by the Russian Post Death/Black Metal band. This release is not a compilation of the greatest hits for band’s past X years; this is the songs never released before as well as alternative versions of old songs. This Super Jewel Box CD includes a 16 pages booklet wi..


TARTHARIA “Over The Top” /DVD; Live/

First DVD by the Russian Cyber Post Melodic Death Metal band. 8 videos + 8 live tracks. Strictly speaking, there is only one clip - "Over The Top" in the English and Russian versions. The remaining other six clips - it cuts of club-gigs, captured on amateur camera, but with cash on studio..


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