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SUFFOCATION “A Close Of A Chapter: Live In Quebec City” /CD; Live/

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For the first time officially released, the first live album by legendary American Technical Brutal Death Metal band.
Legendary Death Metal icons are universally regarded as the best live Death Metal band in the world. Their very first live-record, "Close Of A Chapter", captures all the speed, intensity, and brutality of one of the most influential bands in Death Metal.
Many a Death Metal bands can come off sounding as tight as a mosquito's arse in the studio (where one can fiddle around with Pro Tools and take endless takes to get things razor-sharp), but the real test is how they pull it off live, on stage. And as evidenced by Suffocation's first-ever live offering, 2009's "Close Of A Chapter", these lads are just as explosively brutal on-stage as they are in the cold confines of the recording studio.
Recorded in Quebec City during the band's Souls To Deny Tour in 2005, this 13-track set is also advertised as being completely devoid of any editing, which only makes it all the more impressive. As with the majority of bands from this aforementioned genre, there's not a lot of musical diversity here. But looked upon as a whole album, "Close Of A Chapter" is one unrelenting, raging beast, and should seriously be considered as one of Death Metal's top live recordings of all time!
Relapse Records, 2005/2009 (RR 7065). Made in USA.

1. Infecting the Crypts 5:42
2. Thrones of Blood 5:08
3. Surgery of Impalement 4:08
4. Catatonia 4:23
5. Liege of Inveracity 5:20
6. Despise the Sun 4:00
7. Subconsciously Enslaved 4:27
8. Immortally Condemned 6:22
9. Effigy of the Forgotten 4:07
10. Tomes of Acrimony 4:06
11. Breeding the Spawn 5:12
12. Pierced From Within 6:55
13. Funeral Inception 4:15
Total playing time: 64:07 min.


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