STILLBIRTH “Global Error” /CD/

The fourth full-length studio album by German Brutal Death Metal/Deathcore band.
During their fifteen years of existing, Stillbirth has created a unique style that gives them a distinct sound. Listening to the album "Global Error" for the first time, you'll immediately thought of a Cephalic Carnage band. The reason of the association is not related with the similarity of these bands: contrary, the music of Stillbirth is quite individual. The analogy can be traced only in terms of the presence of a variety of musical experiments.
What connects all the tracks of the album: the presence of Technical Death, growling, pigging and menacing vocals, also the adding of Slamming, Brutal, slowly shakes - in the style of Devourment. Of course, it should be noted German style - there are some influences of other German bands. The sound and mixing are on the height, everything is done competently and skillfully.
Experiments of these guys lead to unexpected results. For example, recitation, like a Rap (in the spirit of "Fred Durst" of Limp Bizkit) at the end of the track "Open Up This Fucking Pit" is listened naturally and does not spoil the song, but only adds to it originality. 
The musicians do not skimp on the original guitar riffs, the album is not boring, and it holds throughout the entire listening, it catches. Twelve songs full of brutal, heavy riffs, extreme blasts and breaks awaits you! Brilliant sound and a 12 pages booklet featuring the artwork of Mottla is the result!!
Rising Nemesis Records/Deafground Records, 2015 (RNR030 / 60162 75068). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Intro 1:58 
2. Chainsaw Throatcut 3:43 
3. Open Up This Fucking Pit 3:27 
4. Global Error 3:08 
5. On The Edge Of Society 4:21 
6. Don't Give A Fuck 3:10 
7. Media Zombies 3:07 
8. Mothertrucker 4:42 
9. Chronic Avenger 3:05 
10. Margin Call 3:56 
11. Schmand An Der Hand 1:52 
12. Faces Of Meth 2:34
Total playing time: 39:05 min.


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