RISING DARK "Apocalyptic" /CD/

Debut full-length album by Italian Thrash Metal band.
When you think of Italy you mainly think of Power Metal, but, fortunately, Italy isn’t only about that. Thrash has a big history upon Italian soil and Rising Dark are part of that! Fresh out the Thrash Master class, Italy’s Rising Dark are indeed a dark horse, where this band have been hiding?! This Thrash monster resides somewhere between some of Testament’s greatest output and modern day Onslaught!!
They were formed in 2005, initially covering Metallica songs (now why does that sounds so familiar?) and then begun to write their own material. In 2008 they released their first demo and afterwards did many gigs. “Apocalyptic” is their first full length release, which features seven songs.
The main characteristic of the album is the heavy sound, even in the parts where it isn’t fast. Although it is mainly Thrash Metal the album leans many times towards Power Metal and other times towards Crossover/Trash, with breakdowns and cutting edge riffs. After a nice atmospheric track there is “Armageddon” and here one gets a pretty good picture of what the band is playing: fast tempos, heavy riffs and some nice technical solos. “This is War” is a heavy track with groovy elements, up-tempo but not extremely fast. “The Bofoid” is the longest track, almost eight minutes, and this means room for diversity: many tempo changes, Thrash alternates with Hardcore, clean vocals with brutal and heavy riffs with technical solos (the band definitely has a thing for them). Next , there  the realm of Lovecraft, with the song “Yog Sothoth”, that kicks in slowly and atmospherically and continues with clean and brutal vocals (nice clean vocal melodies here). Towards the middle things heat up, but only for a while before the song resumes the initial rhythm. “Your Blood Is On My Hands” is the Thrash-iest song, with, heavy riffs and a fast tempo, almost throughout the album, and a nice guitar solo. The last song, “Phoenix” is a six and a half minute ballad that even it is nice it could have been shorter.
Although “Apocalyptic” doesn’t really offer something new to the Heavy Metal world, it is well played with a nice production and songs that will stick to mind. Rising Dark have all the means of greater releases in the future and you should keep an eye on them!!
SG Records, 2011 (SGCD063). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Intro 
2. Armageddon 
3. This Is War 
4. The Bofoid 
5. Yog Sothoth 
6. Your Blood Is On My Hands 
7. Phoenix

Samples:  www.sgrecords.it 

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