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PETE LAMB “Sweaty Handshake” /CD/

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    Band: PETE LAMB
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The debut full-length album by the Irish Alternative/Garage/Grunge Rock band.
The band was formed in 1991 in Dublin and signed to Blunt Records (a label owned in part by Andy Cairns of Therapy?) in 1993. Their first EP, "Paranoid From The Neck Down", was released in 1993. After that band was signed to Roadrunner Records. "Black Mask" EP (1994) was released before their debut album, "Sweaty Handshake". Between these records, Blunt Records released a second EP by the band, called "Spent" (1993). Tracks from both EPs, "Paranoid From The Neck Down" and "Spent", was included in debut LP "Sweaty Handshake" released by Roadrunner Records.
On this album band manage kick up a hell of low-fi noise with guitars all over the place and vocals that sound like they're coming from the wrong side of a violent storm, but a resultant cacophony is surprisingly addictive.
Loose collection of drinking buddies, inspired by: Sonic Youth, Big Black, Replacements, Husker Du, Bitch Magnet, Black Flag, Dinosaur Jr, MC5, Stooges! Loud exciting Rock!!
Japanese edition comes with OBI and includes two bonus tracks!
Roadrunner Records/Apollon Inc., 1994/1995 (APCY-8225). Made in Japan. First press.

1. Never Rest Again 4:39
2. Asshole Agony Aunt 3:42
3. All Time Low 2:49
4. Little Meaner 4:34
5. Where Did Your Plans Go 4:10
6. Black Mask 4:27
7. Insult To Injury 4:08
8. I Got Played 3:50
9. Fun With Maggots 3:28
10. Suck The Grain 4:47
11. Drop It 2:18
12. The Bastard 5:22
Total Playing Time: 48:14

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