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NOCTURNAL FEAR “Excessive Cruelty” + “Pagan Rites” /CD/

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Re-release of the fifth full-length album by American Thrash Metal band.
Detroit's Nocturnal Fear play aggressive 80's German-inspired Speed/Thrash Metal (in vein of Sodom, Destruction and Kreator), with guttural vocals and an overall sense of mayhem. As such this is more retro Thrash worship than anything forward-thinking, but like a lot of second-generation Thrash bands, these guys have the chops and aggression to pull it off nicely.
The old-school Thrash sound similar to bands like the aforementioned Kreator and Sodom really shines through better when the material is coming at the listener quicker, and when the bass kicks really add more to the music. The title track "Excessive Cruelty" proves this well, as the song is much faster and intense compared to "Murder for Hire", focusing more on aggression then the melody of rhythm this style can have, especially during the chorus. The power from the drums and the speed of the guitars, matched with some good bass throughout the whole song that stands out better than the previous track, really show the ruthless aggression that Nocturnal Fear has.
"Excessive Cruelty" it's a strong full-length offering from Nocturnal Fear, and even feels stronger than their last effort. There's nothing all that special or unique about the album other than some really aggressive material mingling with catchy dance-worthy sections, but overall it's an enjoyable Thrash effort. With sleek sounding music, rawer and aggressive passages, rather low bass you have to really turn the volume up to get the full effect of! If you liked the previous efforts of Nocturnal Fear, then there's no doubt that you'll enjoy "Excessive Cruelty". Even if you're not a fan, it's worth sampling for some of the more intense tracks that do appear on this effort and stand out among the rest!!
Re-edition includes a 12 page booklet and 5 bonus tracks from the "Pagan Rites" demo!
Moribund Records/Metal Command Records, 2011/2012 (MCR003). Made in Argentina.

1. Murder For Hire     5:48 
2. Excessive Cruelty     5:35 
3. I Am War     7:40 
4. Absolute Annihilation     5:16 
5. Rolling Thunder     4:09 
6. World War 3     4:48 
7. Intro – Invade To Conquer Part I     1:01 
8. Frozen In Stone     6:41 
9. Human Shield     5:33
Bonus Tracks From The "Pagan Rites" Demo:
10. War Machine
11. Pagan Rites
12. Temple of the Crucified
13. Can't Undo the Damage Done
14. Grave Hill
Total playing time: 66:50

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