NERVE "Hate Parade" /Digipack CD/

Second full-length album by Italian Techno Death Metal band.
Mix between Brutal Death, beefed up 80s Thrash and more menacing Pantera styled 90s Groove. A good intelligent listen mixed up with a fine, throat ripping intensity. 
Nadir Music/Live Tribe Music, 2009 (NDR_MSC 0001) Made in Italy. First press.

1.The Threat 03:27
2.Mescaline 04:04
3.Shelter 04:04
4.My Inferno 03:54
5.Black Fades 03:18
6.Fake Deaf 03:22
7.Hate Parade 04:46
8.I Am My Own God 03:40
9.Nil 03:46
10.How To Fix A Broken Heart 05:21
11.Generation Lost 05:48
Total playing time: 45:30 

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