NECROART “Lamma Sabactani” /CD/

The third full-length album by Swedish Gothic Extreme Metal band.
Gothic Melodic Death Metal with Doom, Folk, and Black touch!
Necroart are an Avant-Garde Extreme Metal outfit hailing from Pauia. They aim to infuse Swedish Death Metal with some old-school Black Metal sounds.
The album is set out from a horror story, an idea that occurred to Necroart several years ago as a good topic on which to write an album.
The album begins at the outset with the title track “Lamma Sabactani” which starts with a dark, eerie tone set by a deep, low drumming and something that sounds like keys rattling in the background. The storyline begins sounding like something like the Creation story from the Bible. “On the first day…” and then “On the second day”… but the Creation events are replaced with dark, creepy events that happen as the story begins. Combined with the creepy events, the music is a terrifying sound that sounds like something out of a horror novel. This is a theme continues throughout the album.
The second track on the album titled “Magma Flows” is an introduction to the idea of magma overflowing on to the planet, and destroying everything in its path. This track sounds very similar to the Metal outfit hailing from Olso, Norway called Dimmu Borgir’s 2010 release “Abrahadabra”, and the vocals of Max sounds similar to that of Shagrath. Both have similar, crushing Black Metal sounds that have been heard for decades around the world, while sparing no ears with crushing riffs and bone-crunching drumbeats.
Crushing drumbeats and smashing guitar riffs continue with songs including “The Demiurge” and “Agnus Dei”, as it talks about the person who created this entire “game” that is part of this story, and how he is the one controlling all of these various mechanisms that control how the “game” comes out. No one is innocent in this game, and no one hides from the destruction that befalls mankind in this game...
The album closes with the final track “Cyanide & Mephisto” which ends the entire thing as there are screams echoing in the background while the announcer states that there is no hope for the world it get out of the mess it is in now.
All in all, very positive album in musical and other specters and its recommended for fans of Gothic, Doom and Melodic Death Metal fans!
Beyond... Productions, 2014 (BEY.1449). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Lamma sabactani 06:53
2. Magma Flows 05:06
3. The Demiurge 06:10
4. Agnus Dei 05:56
5. Redemption 06:49
6. Joining the Maelstrom 06:59
7. Stabat mater 05:30
8. Of Ghouls, Maggots and Werewolves 05:11
9. Cyanide and Mephisto 02:50
Total playing time: 51:24

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