MYSTAGOG "...Of Old" /CD/

Debut full-length album by Hungarian Black Metal band.
Mystagog was formed in 2006 by two well-known and genuine Hungarian underground musicians: Angmar the vocalist of Witchcraft, Hell and Diecold is responsible for the vocals and the drums while the guitars and the bass are handled by Grave (aka Thanatos) who can be familiar from the releases of Thy Funeral, Spuolus, 666 and Diecold.
With underground production and demented sounding songs, this band is definitely in the low-stream of the Black Metal community. If you dig that aged Black Metal sound, then here is a band you can look forward to hearing more from!
Neverheard Distro, 2011 (NHD017)

1. ...Execute 04:35
2. Dark Cave and Smoke 03:39
3. ...of Old 03:58
4. Growing Moon 04:41
5. The Blood and the Flesh 04:30
6. Armageddon 04:17
7. The Deep 04:39
8. Devastating Storm 05:37
Total playing time: 35:56

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