MISCREANT "For The Living" /CD/

The fourth full-length album by the cult Russian Technical Death Metal band. The classics of Russian Death Metal, formed back in 1993, are back with the new powerful stuff! Brutal but yet melodic, this album is great gift for fans of interesting and diverse, as well as a little bit Techno, Death M..


MISCREANT "The Beyond Video" /DVD/

Death Metal from Russia Blacksmith Prod., 2007 (BSP01DVD) Two live shows. 80 minutes. Photogallery. 01-09 - Live In Uzemik 2004 10-16 - Live In "Mega-Hall Colizeo" 2005 Track-list: 1.Virgin Intro 2.Last Day of the Condemned to Death 3.Veritable God 4.The Sect 5.Loneliness 6.Lu..


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