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MASTER “33 Lives” /CD/

  • MASTER “33 Lives” /CD/

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Re-release of the seventh full-length album by legendary Russian Thrash Metal band.
Moscow's Master has been a rather curious band over their long and distinguished career. They persevered since their 1987 self-titled debut album and is still making music alone is quite an accomplishment.
While the record it follows, 2001's "Labyrinth" has been somewhat lackluster even at best, not helped at the least by new vocalist Lexx's rather unique style not necessarily suited to some of the tracks thereon, expectations were set rather high for this one, as initial reports indicated a more straightforward, focused, heavier album than its predecessor. "33 Lives" is a marked improvement upon its predecessor, and while it is not quite the Thrash Metal, Master has been known for in days past, it is a mature album from veterans of the genre, both mindful of their roots and not afraid to embrace the values of modern production and occasional (but only so) modern influence.
While still not quite up there with their first two albums, this is easily their best album in last ten years!!
Re-edition contains five bonus tracks + multimedia video!
CD-Maximum/Moon Records, 2004/2006 (MR 1737-2). Made in Ukraine.

1. Игра
2. Мастер скорбных дел
3. Вера горит на кострах
4. 33 жиззни
5. Экспресс
6. Глоток огня
7. Война миров
8. Heavy ламбала 
9. Снежный охотник
Bonus Tracks:
10. Drum-Parade 
11. Стихия
12. С уважением
13. XXI 
14. Intro

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