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MASSACRA "Final Holocaust" /CD/

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    Band: MASSACRA
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Second re-release of the debut full-length album by the cult French Death/Thrash Metal band.
The first remastered re-release.
Massacra started off with a few demos before they finally released "Final Holocaust" in 1990. As the bigger Thrash bands of the '80s began to go for a much less Thrash sound, Massacra did the exact opposite. They wrote some of the most intense and vicious Thrash to date. With insanely fast riffs, brutal drumming and crushing vocals, Massacra was ready to create a huge name for themselves in the Metal Underground.
This is what Death/Thrash should sound like. The classical backbone of the songs is just unbelievably kickass with the fast paced Thrash. The vocals are very aggressive and suit the music perfectly. The lyrics really remind of Sepultura's "Beneath the Remains" era style lyrics and the guitar playing is just as good.
The whole album is dark and it heavy the whole way through, and also essential to any fan of Death or Thrash Metal! There are no complaints that can be made about this masterpiece!! Massacra blends the best of Death Metal and Thrash on "Final Holocaust" flawlessly, and it shows!!!
Re-edition includes three bonus tracks!!!!
Shark Records/Hellshop, 1990/2012 (hell 005). Made in Poland.

1. Apocalyptic Warrior     5:24 
2. Researchers Of Tortures     4:01 
3. Sentenced For Life     5:12 
4. War Of Attrition     4:46 
5. Nearer To Death     5:39 
6. Final Holocaust     3:23 
7. Eternal Hate     5:45 
8. The Day Of Massacra     4:13 
9. Trained To Kill     5:32 
10. Beyond The Prophecy     3:21 
Bonus Tracks:
11. Apocalyptic Warrior (demo 1989)     6:05 
12. Nearer From Death (demo 1989)     7:50 
13. Sentenced For Life (demo 1989)     5:16 
Total playing time: 66:27

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