LA SFERA “Where Man Breaks” /CD/

Second full-length album by Italian Space Rock/Progressive Metal band.
The Italian outfit La Sfera is a special band. They're a combination of Progressive Rock, Alternative Pop and classic sixties Pop. That’s the best and easiest to describe them. Daniel Pucci has a strong and clear voice, one which will fit in a lot of genres. He’s supported by snarling guitars and Heavy Metal drums with a lot of synths. There’s been twitching around in the music as well, but in a good way. They alter the music by adding something to it, not taking something away. The music is catchy, almost too good to be true, but there’s also this ridiculous side to it. The tracks are diverse and don’t repeat themselves too much. Although they combine a scale of different genres, each song stands on its own.
"Where Man Breaks" is a difficult album to describe, because it’s so wide and special. Try combining "Dust In The Wind" with "Master of Puppets". Does that sound good? Then you might give this album a try! Not your thing? Then you might have an incredibly bad imagination, or this thing just might not be for you.
Live Tribe Music/Buil2Kill Records, 2013 (B2K_0038). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Sixther
2. First Sunrise
3. Oh Mother (If You Could)
4. Black Box
5. A Key For Me
6. Their Path
7. D – Kado
8. Predictable Nature
9. Kado
10. A Gray Sky
Total playing time: 46:13

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