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The debut full-length album by Norwegian Black Metal band.
This is a project of musician of bands such as: Mök, Astaroth and Attentat.
“Noema” presents us with an excellent view of Black Metal, very eerie and melodic. But the album isn’t “limited” to Black Metal, there are some Punk and Doom elements which are very welcomed when used with creativity and quality, such is the case of “Noema”. In a way, you might feel that, especially when it comes to the guitars, this is one more pure Norwegian Black Metal album that could have been released by Mayhem or Gorgoroth, but, if you pay attention to the details, this is a unique release and not an album in which the musician simply wanted to recreate the old-school classics.
The drumming work is very enjoyable, fast and chaotic, completely fitting the music created by Kvalvaag. The production is clean, many a little bit lo-fi, but no Black Metal listener would complain about it, so one more positive aspect for Kvalvaag’s “Noema”. All in all, this is highly impressive, even more for being the band’s first full-length album. Amazing stuff!
Fallen-Angels Productions, 2014 (AngeL11). Made in South Korea. First press.

1. Vettenatt
2. Noema
3. Dystopia Naa 
4. Nibiru
5. Naar Aske Farger Himmelen Graa
6. Kingdom Comes
7. Delirium

Samples: http://kvalvaagband.bandcamp.com​​​​​​

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