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INSISION "15 Years Of Exaggerated Torment" /2CD/

  • INSISION "15 Years Of Exaggerated Torment" /2CD/

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    Band: INSISION
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15th year’s anniversary compilation of Brutal Death Metal band from Sweden.
This is collection of: old tracks from their first demo “Meant To Suffer” 1998, their second live appearance from 1998 “Live Like A Worm”, MCD ’99 “The Dead Live On”, most brutal demo ever made “Promo 2000”, “Revelation Of The SadoGod” Demo 2001 plus a newly recorded track of an old song.
INSISION: “The new material sounds like a mix of the complex stuff we did on our first record “Beneath the Folds of Flesh” back in 2001 along with rhythm parts that can be explained with a more darker approach. We don't want our listeners to wait too long for a new record; therefore we'll release this collection for the fans that are into Brutal Death Metal”.
Sevared Records, 2012 (SR-200)


Disc 1
1.Intro 01:08
2.Paedophilia Cum Sadissimus 03:18
3.Meant to Suffer 03:44
4.Drain Your Soul 03:29
5.I Am the Worm 04:36
6.Paedophilia Cum Sadissimus (live) 03:27
7.Corridors of Blood (live) 03:22
8.Drain Your Soul (live) 03:50
9.I Am the Worm (live) 04:23
10.She Speaks No More (live) 03:48
11.Hammer Smashed Face (Cannibal Corpse cover) (live) 04:15
12.Corridors of Blood 03:22
13.Paedophilia Cum Sadissimus 03:04
14.The Dead Live On 03:07
15.She Speaks No More 03:45
16.Exaggerated Torment 04:12
Total playing time: 56:50

Disc 2
1.Ex Oblivione 03:18
2.Impamiiz Graa 02:59
3.Rewind into Chaos 03:02
4.Entangled in Thorns 03:13
5.Intro 00:47
6.Before My Altar 03:26
7.Sado God 02:38
8.Trapped Within 03:52
9.Zombie Ritual (Death cover) 04:11
10.Outro: The Revelation 01:06
11.Intro 00:16
12.Exaggerated Torment 2012 04:16

Total playing time: 33:04

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