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INFERNAL ANGELS “Pestilentia” /CD/

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The third full-length album by Italian Melodic Black Metal band.
Black Metal with Death Metal contaminations, performed with raw ferocity! But it is not only a blind beat up, there is a hazy pace dictated by Melodic and Dark moments. Desperate vocals and with various facets leads the listener along grooves worthy of the worst abyss of Giger.
Returning with their third album, Infernal Angels continue to hammer home their Immortal, or Mayhem infused straight up Black/Death Metal with vigour and a little panache. However what “Pestilentia” does lack is that variance from song to song to really make this act stand tall and proud amongst their peers. Vocalist XeS, the band's only surviving original member, has a throaty rasp, more aggressively husky than out and out guttural; something which he makes work to his advantage, while Manegarmr offers up boundless barrages of both bass and guitar. The trio is completed by drummer MiD, who can rattle the tubs with the best of them, both in terms of ferocity and precision. However, in the end none of the undoubted talent on show really makes up for what becomes a reasonably characterless set of songs, which do hit hard, but lack in staying ability.
“Pestilentia” is full of great moments from start to finish. The band deftly manages to capture the essence of classic Black Metal combined with a modern sensibility, and there isn’t a bad track here. Death growls and audible production might not be ‘kvlt,’ but this band have managed to make a strong Black Metal album their own way. There’s no synths, no horns, and no forest imagery just for the sake of it: its no-frills, bone-crushing Metal, period. And it's recommend for fans of bands like Immortal, Mayhem and Absu!!
SG Records, 2014 (SGCD072). Made Greece. First press.

1. 1347
2. Pestilentia
3. Blood Is Life
4. In The Darkness 
5. Domina Nigra
6. Carpathians
7. Cold Fog Rises
8. Thorns Crown
9. A Night Of Unholy Soul

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